DekelOil’s vision is to develop and expand our palm oil production operations in the Ivory Coast, with a strong focus on operational efficiency, environmental and socially responsible operating practices. The long term objective for DekelOil is to become a major palm oil player in West Africa.

DekelOil is a large-scale palm oil producer that works in close partnership with the communities and authorities in our areas of operation to produce mutually beneficial results. The establishment of such partnerships enables DekelOil to pursue its strategy of building sustainable, inclusive and environmentally sensitive palm oil production centres in the Ivory Coast and, in time, across West Africa.

The Company has a five-step development strategy:

 1.  Safely and responsibly operate our 70,000 ton crude palm oil (CPO) mill.
 2.  Develop and expand our relationship with our local oil palm planters (the 27,000 hectares of Ayenouan Farmers and the Coopalen Supply Agreement).
 3.  Continue to develop new company plantations at Ayenouan as net cash flow from the mill operations permit.
 4.  Subject to future financing, commence the development at the 24,000-hectare site at Guitry.
 5.  Consider expansion opportunities in neighbouring countries
 6.  Continue to ensure we produce high quality CPO that our customers, stakeholders and regional partners are supportive of.